• Place real hay bales outside the entrance. If you have a saddle, put them on or around the bales of hay.

• Make a hitching post for your guests with a wooden pallet and a sign (included with the mystery).

• Create a sign post with different directional signs. You can have signs pointing people to: the bank, telegraph office, jail, stagecoach, etc. (There are directions and templates on how to do this with the mystery.

• Make and hang a sign for your saloon. (Instructions and templates included with mystery purchase.)

• Construct your own saloon doors. Find out how to do so here.

• Make some saloon doors for your party. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS HERE.

• Not up for building, order your saloon door here.

• Hang "wanted" and "reward" posters all over the walls. (These templates included with mystery purchase.)

• Print out and hang other "saloon" signs. (These templates included with mystery purchase.)

• Use cable spools as tables for the little ones -- they are the perfect size!

• Cut out cowboy and a cowgirl silhouettes and hang them on the windows.

• Have your own branded root beer. (Label designs included with purchase. Just adhere to root beer bottles.) For added fun, order some cowboy boot mugs for the kids to drink out of!

• Create a jail for your dastardly guests at the party.(Instructions on how to do so are included with the mystery.)

• Use scene setters to create your saloon wall or a western scene.

•Create a photo spot to capture memories of all of your guests! And don't forget the WANTED sign -- easily made with a piece of cardboard and a sharpie!

• A little western goes a long way. Compile an assortment of western objects and create displays around the party benue. Place them somewhere where everyone will see them - by the food, place where you get your nametags, etc.

• Make lassos from thick rope and hang as garland.

• Have small, tin buckets filled with peanuts.

• Use bandanas as napkins. You can even use metal sheriff's badges as napkin rings (pin one in the middle of each napkin).

• Get some red gingham fabric from a fabric store to use as an affordable table cloth.

• Use a real cowboy hat, turned upside down and line with a check napkin to hold chips.You can place bowls inside the hats, too, if you are hesitant about napkins.

• Place a small bowl in the top of a cowboy boot and fill it with salsa. Use boots of different sizes to give your salsa bar depth and variety.

• Arrange bunches of wheat, daisies, sunflowers or wildflowers in cowboy boots, metal coffee pots or tin pitchers.

• Bring in camping or storm equipment such as oil lamps, lanterns and cooking pots to add to the theme.

• Soak the labels off beer bottles and use bottles as candle holders.

• For a fantastic finishing touch, stick rapid-fire bullet holes on your wall, your fridge, your windows, and anywhere else they'll stick. Check them out here.

• Use potted cactii for your table centerpieces.

• If you want to go all the way, you can purchase one of these buidings.(See below for links!)

For More Decorations, follow any of the links below:
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